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These are a few projects I have worked on in the past few years... they each tackle different problems, please take a look


Sweat Analysis Device

Real time monitoring Sweat compounds such as ammonia, salt, sugar, and urea for estimating the possibility of 14 different diseases using the ionisation Method. 



APOLLO (Acupressure On Located Lines of Organs) is an easy to use, convenient, less time consuming and user custom product that helps in mental and physical health issues by pressurizing acupressure points in the palm, it can improve and even cure issues like insomnia, headaches, musculoskeletal issues, and many more problems. 


HiveX Airpack

The HiveX Smart-Pack that is flexible and can be customized on the fly to adapt to the varying needs through Smart plug N play modules. Each module would perform a different function and would be another purchase along with the base Smart-Pack. 


Trash Talker

A trash can which can automatically sort your waste into dry and wet waste, using opacity and metal detection. 

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