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Initiatives & Service

Robotics Club

Taught and mentored over 70 students in 4 grades at the DAIS Robotics Club. We started with CAD Fusion 360 making fidget spins and then moved them into groups to learn Java and Python.

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Gear Up Girls

We found out that the drop rate in girls’ STEM fields is drastic. So our response was to host a workshop solely for girls 9-14 where they learnt littlebits, Makey Makey, scratch, arduino and CAD 3D printing.(TinkerCAD)

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Advanced Math Club

The mathematics club is a club dedicated to teaching all kinds of math ranging from competitive mathematics to the school curriculum. My dream for the pure mathematics club is that it would become something more than a place for learning.

Tutored over 100 students from secondary school from concepts and doubt clearing and competitive math in a fun way for two years. Currently working on conducting DAISMO (inter-school math Olympiad)


Trash Collection and Composting

We went door to door collecting 200kg of dry waste from 160 apartments and then sold it for 3000 INR. This was then used to purchase a composting bin for the building. Lastly we taught them all the benefits of sorting your waste and composting.

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Water Sensor Installation

Installed 24 sensors in overhead water tanks in older buildings in Juhu, Mumbai, where wastage per day due to overflow of 15 minutes is 900 gallons of water. Saving 21600 Gallons of water per week.

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Cat Adoption Drive

My goal when starting the Feline Adoption Drive was to increase the number of adoptions of our furry friends. After researching about the relation between pets and a human's mental health, I was encouraged to promote the adoption of cats by partnering with a local cat cafe to improve human's mental wellbeing. Read my article of why cat's help our mental wellbeing.


Jai Vakeel Foundation

We have taught over 50 underprivileged students with down syndrome about basic life skills such as hygiene, nutrition, exercise and global cultures.

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Coding Club

My aim at the Ecole Mondiale and Oberoi International Coding club is to teach people about ML & AI and show to teach programming to the vast majority of teenagers at my high school. Currently, as the newest generation entering the workforce, my generation (Gen Z) is the most technologically adept. Machine learning is revolutionizing the world and I want more people to start learning about it so that we can change the world to be a better place.


School of Life NGO

We held a workshop with children from the school of life NGO and introduced them to the amazing world of 3D printing with the help of our sponsor Imaginarium. We also showed them simple circuitry in the forms of  DIY a torch and a mini toy car. 

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