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AMC 10

March 2021 -

School Ranking 1st

Qualified for AIME


University of Waterloo: Avogadro

25th percentile globally out of 2973 participants.

10th percentile in India


Silver Honours

June 2021 - National Ranking 11th

ICode National Hackathon

Ranked 13th out of 1782 participants in national qualifiers

Ranked 112th out of 2000 in South Asia qualifiers

Ranked 54th in World Finals

Stanford AI Course

Coursera Online CS229 Machine Learning Course. 

Passed with 98% and honours

NXT Venture Labs

EpicQuest Global Entrepreneur

1st place out of 30 teams and 20 high schools in India, for Ureshii

University of Waterloo: CEMC

Feb 2020 - Nation Ranking 4th

Feb 2021 - Nation Ranking 2nd

MYP Innovation Award

2021 semi finalist for project Ureshii

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