Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard


AMC 10

March 2021 -

School Ranking 1st

Qualified for AIME


University of Waterloo: Avogadro

25th percentile globally out of 2973 participants.

10th percentile in India


Silver Honours

June 2021 - National Ranking 11th

ICode National Hackathon

Ranked 13th out of 1782 participants in national qualifiers

Stanford AI Course

Coursera Online CS229 Machine Learning Course. 

Passed with 98% and honours

NXT Venture Labs

EpicQuest Global Entrepreneur

1st place out of 30 teams and 20 high schools in India, for Ureshii

University of Waterloo: CEMC

Feb 2020 - Nation Ranking 4th

Feb 2021 - Nation Ranking 2nd

MYP Innovation Award

2021 semi finalist for project Ureshii