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Shiv Mehta.

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University of California San Diego Class of 2027 | Data Science Major | 'Mathlete' | Full Stack Developer | ML/AI Enthusiast | Founder of Ureshii (mental health app)

About Me!

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Other than my regular passion for STEM, I also love to play video games, watch sit-coms, and journal.

I consider myself to be a 'linguaphile' because I know how to speak 6 different languages (French, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, Gujurati, & English). In fact I've passed the HSK 2 for mandarin. 


I love cats and I have a cat named Cheeto! Other than that I enjoy reading manga, I am a licensed open water and nitrogen scuba diver, and I love to cook. 

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Shiv Mehta

+91 993 038 8497

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